Racquet Film’s Coffee Table Book

If you didn’t already know, Racquet Film have worked with a hoard of people in the film photography industry to compile a 110,000 word gospel on film photography. The book spans its origins, history, significant moments and film’s place in current society,  alongside providing a comprehensive breakdown on best executing the art. But before we dive deeper, let’s talk about the elephant in the room first: the release announcement was set for Winter of 2018. But that was a month ago, right? Correct.

We’d originally planned to announce the release at the end of Winter 2018, with pre-orders on sale at $99.00 AUD. The bad news is, we ran well over time. The good news? This wasn’t because we weren’t working hard enough or because we had other things to attend to; instead, it’s because the book went from a reasonable project to a mammoth task, with the final word count clocking in at around 110,000 words. If your familiar with the process of a book of such magnitude, there’s the writing, the sub-editing, editing, formatting, approval, final checks and then the process of creation and distribution. We’re currently at the formatting stage and while we can’t apologise enough for the delays, we can say those who got in early lucky scored a $200+ book for less than half price. We’re cutting no corners on this gem, and there won’t be a single person disappointed by it!

We will have an official drop date for all pre-orders very soon (it will be this year) and will then begin general sales (unfortunately, this monster piece of literature isn’t going to come cheap). If you have any questions or wish to order: lab@racquetfilm.com.

Thanks so much for your patience!