The SP3000 Joins The Racquet Family

After a long wait, we’ve got our hands on the famed Fuji Frontier SP3000, all thanks to the legends over at West End Camera Club. The addition of the SP3000 to the Racquet Film workflow not only means we can produce better quality images at a faster rate, but we can scan larger files and offer a wider variety of scanning services. We owe the world to West End Camera Club for making this possible, and see this as another formative step in our continual journey to provide the best developing and scanning services around. Three cheers for the 3000!

But wait, why is the SP3000 so good? It’s one of the world’s best scanners. Simply put, It’s capable of producing insanely colour-accurate images in a timely fashion, with a max resolution around the 5500px (longest edge mark). Fuji discontinued them a long time ago, and since then finding one has been like digging for gold, but to have one to use as our lab grows means we can give you scans that are at least double the quality of our previous options, and the Pakon 135+ is certainly no slouch, with it being touted as the best 35mm dedicated scanner on the planet.

Not to worry however; we’ll still have our trusty JOBO’s (all three of them handling the development of C41, E6 and B&W), our Pakon 135+, Epson V800 and our world-class Canon printer to help us deliver a wide variety of services, at a fast pace, with no loss of quality!