Racquet Workshops

Racquet hold photography and development workshops in Brisbane for all skill levels.

Group Photo Workshops

Racquet Film hold photo workshops in central Brisbane for film and digital photographers of all skill levels. The courses span three four hour sessions, and cover topics from basic camera fundamentals right through to marketing yourself as a photographer and defining your style. These classes are intimate (6-8 people) and book out quickly, with only four to six workshops held each year. It’s recommended that people start with class one and progress through to class three, however photographers of varying skill levels may choose to only complete the later courses.


Development Workshops

Racquet Film are scheduling development workshops for the second half of 2018. The workshops will focus on the competent development of C41 and B&W film, using traditional hand-processed methods, with small four-person groups allowing an intimate experience for anyone interested in the chemistry process that are integral when turning an exposed roll of film into a negative, then turning that negative into a viewable image. In a similar vein to our photo workshops, these classes will range from beginning to advanced, spread over three four hour lessons.


One-on-one Workshops

Racquet Film schedule one-on-one lessons with photographers of varying skill levels to give the photographer the upmost attention and truly focus on what is most important to the individual. Racquet photographers are assigned based on the requirements of the individual, and the length and duration of the course is often determined by the individual’s needs and expectations. As these courses are custom, including as many details as possible when applying helps us offer the best service and give you a well-tailored course that suits your needs.