Racquet Film Opening Gallery

Our first dilemma of the New Year: Racquet Film’s opening gallery ‘guest list’.

It’s the first day of 2018. All in three months, it’s hard to believe we went from a struggling one-room lab to one of Australia’s largest and most frequented film processing establishments in Australia. With support from some of the biggest legends in the photo industry, including Kodak x Girl Skateboards, Photo Resource, Walkens Film, CatLABS and all our amazing customers, we do feel like Racquet Film fills a void for the film community in Australia. We’re still learning and still young, but there’s not another brand out there like us: a photo agency turned film lab turned gallery turned showroom turned workspace. Though the reason for this post falls under ‘gallery’. Our store – for those of you who’ve seen it – fits a maximum of 80 people comfortably. When we got to writing the guest list for the opening gallery, it was hard to keep it under 400. So we decided we’d rather not have an ‘exclusive’ opening night at all than have one and leave any of our valued friends, family or supporters out of the mix. Which leads us to our final decision. The event that follows:

The Racquet Film Opening Gallery
RUNNING: JAN 5th, 10am – Feb 3rd, 2pm.
Mon-Fri: 10am-6pm
Sat: 10am-2pm

The gallery will showcase Racquet Studio’s rostered artists, on rotation during this period. To celebrate the event, we’ll be offering 10% off purchases* to everyone who visits us IN STORE during this time. The gallery features 50 pieces of work from artists spanning Australia, the USA, Germany, the United Kingdom and more. To redeem your 10% off voucher, simply show reception this article or the associated Instagram post.

*Minimum purchase amount is $20. Not applicable to any sale items.