Photo Printing

Racquet Film offer a professional photo printing service for photographers and businesses alike from our lab in Brisbane. We use a world-class, Canon A2 printer with premium-grade photo paper to guarantee a quality finish. Please refer to our pricing for both matte and gloss finishes below. We also offer framing and pre-production (colour correction, editing and similar) services to ensure you get the most out of your photo printing. We ship Australia wide too! Before placing an order, see our Conditions of Printing below.

Premium Professional Grade Photo Paper (Minimum $10 order)



Matte: $9/sheet

Gloss: $9/sheet



Matte: $25-$45/sheet

Gloss: $25-$45/sheet



Matte: $35-$60/sheet

Gloss: $35-$60/sheet



Pre-production & Editing (Minor): $6/sheet

Pre-production & Editing (Major): $16/sheet

Framing (Black, no mat): $19.95/sheet


Pre-production & Editing (Minor): $9/sheet

Pre-production & Editing (Major): $19/sheet

Framing (Black, no mat): $39.95/sheet


Pre-production & Editing (Minor): $25/sheet

Pre-production & Editing (Major): $32/sheet

Framing (Black, no mat): $59.95/sheet

Conditions on printing: (1) Racquet Film will make their best efforts to avoid a unsatisfactory print, though it’s the customer’s responsibility to follow the printing guidelines to ensure their image is of high quality. (2) The printing guidelines require all prints to be 300dpi at full resolution with TIFF file recommended, however JPEG acceptable. As a rule of thumb, the longest edge of prints should be as followed: A4 prints – 1500px. A3 prints – 3000px. A2 prints – 4000px. (3) Prints should be checked for markings, discolouration and other defects prior to submitting to Racquet Film. If noted, these can be fixed using our pre-production service. If not, they may go unnoticed and result in a print that is not of your standards. (4) Printing is done on a variety of paper and quotes are made up based on your particular need. (5) Printing turnaround time is often 1-3 days depending on the size of the job and your requirements. (6) Due to the nature of printing, an invoice will be supplied upon confirmation of order and printing and/or pre-production will not take place until the invoice has been paid and cleared.