We deal with the best paper, equipment and techs. 

Fine customers deserve fine prints.

Prints by the best.

Racquet Film approach printing the same way they approach film processing; quality first. Working with clients to set blueprints and timelines for all sorts of projects, Racquet's hands on approach is a far cry from traditional production lines. Using a world-class Canon printer (up to A2) and the best paper available, Racquet's volume control yields phenomenal results. Racquet have had the privilege of printing for the likes of international war photographer Tim Page, amazing fashion photographers including Dylan Bow, band hero's like David Herington and world renowned talent like Nicoline Aagesen (MCMR). All paper stock is of the highest quality, includes printing, consult and review. Volume pricing is also available, so please treat all figures below as guides only.

Fine Art Options

Racquet Film do things a particular way. Whether it's processing, selling cameras or printing. It's a somewhat stubborn approach, but there's a load of logic sitting behind it all. When it comes to prints, we want the time we spend to be worth it (for both you and for us). For that reason, we only stock five varieties of paper (ones we believe make up the ideal spectrum for any photographer). We print fine art in A3 and A4 using our top-of-the-line large format Canon printer, paired up with a lovely calibrated monitor to make sure things come out just as expected.

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