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Racquet Creative PTY LTD offer one membership option. The annual 'Platinum' offering gives photographers and clients of Racquet a wide spread of convenient and volume-focused upgrades. From efficiency-focused benefits, like customer codes that associate and autofill data to speed up roll submissions, to financial benefits, like 5% of all processing, store items and film purchases. A portion of the membership - particularly for those who wish to elevate their photography - will prove insanely worthwhile and involves a proven package that's been used by Racquet for many years to assist the growth of our internal team. A key aspect of the is the Racquet Member Profiles (RQTMPs) we generate, which are used to plot data regarding your development and scanning preferences. This means we can give you a better, more consistent product, while building a lasting relationship that benefits both parties. Please Note: due to the huge influx of initial signups, memberships are restricted to batches of 20, so this page will be made periodically offline in a routine manner. This allows us to maintain the quality that our membership offers. See the benefits below and hit 'Sign Up' to contact us regarding your membership today. View membership benefits via a provisional PDF.

If you're interested, reach out using our simple contact form. T&Cs below.

Membership T&Cs 

As of March 2020, Racquet Creative PTY LTD have rolled out memberships for regular customers. The launch of the Racquet membership came at the same time the COVID-19 pandemic plagued the world. The program isn’t financially motivated, but rather an affordable way for Racquet to build a more predictable revenue stream, while becoming more acquainted with their customer base and offering a higher quality service.

The 'primary goal' of the Racquet membership program is to introduce a member focused program that provides significant benefits for minimal cost. In turn, Racquet receive some level of stability in their revenue during extremely uncertain times for small business. In this regard, Racquet are grateful to all who decide to participate in the initiative. Regardless of this, the membership pricing is designed to be profitable for anyone who uses Racquet Film (even those who use our lab facilities a small to moderate amount). Most customers will find themselves reaching a breakeven point less than four months into the calendar year. Regardless, the low price point has proven very successful in incentivising initial signups and pushing the concept forward during the height of the COVID-19 epidemic.

As of June 2020, the tiers are not restricted by a set number, however, sign up periods are limited to batches of 20 new members. This allows Racquet a period of time to adjust, adapt to each new group, complete their PDF profiles and reset for the following 20 members.

The following areas regarding Racquet Membership are subject to change. It is the responsibility of Racquet to notify members of such changes, in writing, using their nominated email address. These notices should be sent out as soon as said changes become apparent to management. Members have a right and are encouraged to provide feedback on any changes to the membership program, alongside providing recommendations on shortfalls and potential additions that may improve the yearly project in the years that come. With respect to changes in the membership’s inaugural year, the benefits of membership will NOT decrease in value or perceived worth. Changes can only involve the improvement of services and the addition of benefits for members, or the modification or switching of existing benefits to similar or improved options that better suit the program.

The terms & conditions listed here are subject to change with notice and within reason. Changes are a necessity for any agreement similar to this given the everchanging social landscape and the need for all general terms, privacy policies and other company agreements to maintain a level of flexibility to maintain relevance. Racquet will not change the membership terms and conditions in a way that's malicious or brings forth disrepute among members, nor will they act in any manner that falls outside the benefit of members.

The privacy policy of the Racquet website may be subject to changes in a similar light, for similar reasons, with the same requirements placed on Racquet Film. Small aspects of the Racquet Membership concept - from aesthetic components to social positioning and tone - may shift during the course of a yearly membership. Racquet acknowledge and accept they are not permitted to shift the scope of membership in a way that it's no longer aligned with the original vision. In short, no matter what changes Racquet make, it is paramount that the membership retains its core values and does not fall short in membership benefits across the preliminary 12 months.

The following key points form the closure of the Racquet Membership Terms & Conditions. It is imperative that all terms, details and protocols outlined below are adhered to by both the Member and the Company (Racquet Creative PTY LTD, t/a Racquet Film).

Membership will commence in year one infancy. As such, feedback from all parties involved will play a great role in the evolution of the platform and will prove highly beneficial to Racquet and those who see a benefit in the membership and wish to continue using it as they move forward. Racquet agree that members providing solid, logistical, thought-out feedback is comparative to currency. In turn, Racquet agree to increase membership benefits in year one as much as possible, aiming to provide an overall 30% increase in general/perceived value in both membership plans. This figure – while merely an estimate – is an achievable goal, spanning from the commencement of the program to the one-year (365 day) mark. In the same light, Racquet’s price point of $145.00 AUD per annum is simply an initial price point and accounts for the ‘growing pains’ that the program will experience. The comparable savings are made up for in the members understanding of Racquet’s position giving a new service and attempting to improve it while it’s publicly available and slowly growing.

Expanding on the above, Racquet will hold quarterly peer review sessions of the membership plan, giving those involved a chance to provide anonymous feedback on the strong and weak elements of the system. The wider scope of this approach will further assist Racquet in determining what they should focus on as they review and improve the service, allowing them to see what positives or negatives are consistently mentioned across a broader focus group.

Racquet’s Decision to limit a full ‘walled’ and segmented membership program means passwords will not be a focus during year one. Despite this, members must acknowledge and understand that when signing up to Racquet’s paid services – like any website – the company are able to log IP, browser and other data. In conjunction with client’s details – which are linked to their unique RQTMP# - Racquet will proactively prevent people from misusing the membership system by doubling up on benefits, either during a singular time or staggered across any length or period during the year (be it weeks or months). The misuse of RQTMP#s forms the basis of ‘means for termination’, stipulated in the following section of this document.

Racquet have no interest in the termination of any memberships and hope that year one proves that such measures are not needed. However, members accept and acknowledge that the misuse or sharing of their RQTCID# may result in termination. In such cases, Racquet are not liable in any way and are not expected to reimburse the guilty party for any part of their membership, irrespective of how many weeks or months they had remaining. Other violations will be treated in a fair manner and on a case-by-case basis, with common decency cementing the underlying principles when assessing any problems that may arise during memberships. Members should understand that PDF documents and other collateral passed between Racquet and paying members is privileged material that should not be shared, explicitly discussed or replicated in any way, shape or form, whether it be for financial gain or not. Should the company find sharing deemed malicious, particularly with intent to hurt or replicate the model use by Racquet, copyright issues will arise and Racquet are committed to maintaining integrity by filing appropriate claims should anyone attempt to do something, whether knowingly or not.

Communication should be a primary focus for everyone involved in the agreement whenever issues arise. Whether it’s simple misunderstandings and confusion, or general disagreements/disputes, both parties should maintain an open channel of communication and keep their discussions centralised until the problem is resolved or it is deemed a third party (example: mediator) is required to settle the problem.

Last updated May 23, 2020.

Please email members@racquetfilm.com should you have any questions