A little about us!

Behind the Racquet Brand

Racquet Film is Australia's most innovative film development lab, with full film processing facilities for everything 35mm and beyond. Trusted worldwide, Racquet also sell tested film cameras and analogue goods, making us the prime lab whether you're buying your first film camera or developing your 1000th roll.

As far as film development goes, Racquet was born by a group who wanted the highest quality output; a lab that - as photographers - they would want to go to. Based in Brisbane, Queensland, Racquet Film are one of Australia's only labs that use manual rotary processing techniques on client's request, meaning total control of key variables like agitation and duration. Combined with the traditional Noritsu V30 (handling volume orders and simple requests), we pride ourselves on the capability to develop all types of film, from pushed and pulled, to cross-processed. Ending things with our famed Fuji Frontier SP3000 and an editing suite running high level, colour calibrated monitors, all our rolls are personally reviewed for quality. 

As for sales, our endless inventory became apparent and natural progression resulted in four consultants spending chunks of their week selling immaculate film cameras to Australia and beyond. In 2020, film photographers have grown tired of traditional consumer-driven marketplaces, which helped push our concept straight to the front. In addition, the business model was field-tested over 24 months (with 350 completed sales), meaning its market arrival was done in a polished fashion. Like Racquet's film lab, our sales team know what customers want and what they don't.

We take a personal approach to selling cameras. A strong channel of communication and continued dialogue is key. If we can't source the perfect camera for your needs - because of budget or other issues - we know it won't be a viable transaction for both parties. As such, we don't take the job and provide a viable alternative.

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