Racquet Film Projects

Our main goal is to innovate, and to do that we constantly come up with new projects to further the analogue realm and keep people shooting film. A few of our current projects are outlined below. Click and learn.

Racquet’s Family

The Racquet Family is a film community that offers key selective benefits and support to visual artists around Australia and throughout the world. Clicking the link above will show you the current Racquet Family, and visiting our contact page and getting in touch with us is a great way to see if you’d be a good fit for the family.

Film Photography Book

Racquet Film are currently working on a massive 2018 film photography manifesto that provides a look at film in 2018, its interaction with digital photography and the way to get the most out of your analogue journey, whether it’s professional or personal work. The book is due for release in Winter of 2018 with an exact date to be announced soon. The link above provides more info.

Photo Classes

Racquet Film offer both group and one-on-one photography classes for all skill levels, both digital and analogue photographers. The courses are predominantly held in Brisbane however they are done remotely on occasion, and range from basic composition and manual settings, to developing, post processing and dealing with clients. Use the contact page to reach out and learn more.