Film Processing Services

We develop all types of film in all formats!

Experienced Racquet technicians monitor every roll that passes through our lab. Combined with stringent quality control methods and a genuine passion for film, the bond we form with customers translates to a greater understanding of what they expect from us. With world-class equipment, our core focus is providing the highest quality film processing available; quality over quantity. Racquet Film services include processing 35mm, 120, 220, disposable cameras and old rolls of film you found in your aunt’s basement (expired or not). We have colour, B&W and E-6 capabilities, all in-house (no outsourcing!), and we even print from A4 right up to A2; you name it, we (probably) do it!

Film Processing

C41, B&W, E6
135, 120. 220
Pushing & Pulling


Sizes: A4 – A2.
World class printer.
Gallery-quality paper.


Film (C41, B&W, Slide)
Cameras & Accessories
Camera Batteries


Photo & Development Classes
Intimate, Central Brisbane
Beginner, intermediate & pro
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