Developing Film In Australia is the Tip of the Iceberg

Film Canisters, captured in Racquet Film by Nick Bedford.

Racquet Film are a film developing lab, and spend the majority of their time processing film for customers around Australia and throughout the world. Though we’re constantly asked what other film photography services we offer Australian customers. We’ve decided to make a non-exhaustive list of things we do on a near-daily basis. Hopefully it helps!

  • Turn your photos into prints. We print A4, A3 and A2, on a variety of paper stocks.
  • Restore your expired film.
  • Do editing on old or damaged photos to make them look like new.
  • Digitise (Scan) your Polaroids, old photos, negatives and positives.
  • We sell 35mm and 120 film.
  • We sell 35mm film cameras.
  • We give film photography tutorials and advice.
  • We clean and diagnose camera issues.
  • We rent our gallery space for photographers.
  • We buy film cameras.
  • We offer internships.
  • We do a whole lot more!

And did you know:

  • We process C41, E6 and Black And White In-House, by hand.
  • We push, pull, cross-process and can do just about anything you need!
  • We have a FUJI FRONTIER SP3000 and NORITSU LS-600 (incoming).
  • We have four JOBO rotary processors.
  • We plan on expanding into Super 8 and offering film development classes.