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We won’t drag this on. We are a film community and processing lab who believe in doing everything by hand. We aren’t easy to explain because we are unlike anyone else. We’ve shot film professionally for more than half a decade. We have a world-class lab with support from KODAK and JOBO (GER) and have processed over 70,000 rolls without any need for automation. This hands-on approach gives us total flexibility over development parameters. Granted, we don’t have 40-years-experience, but that’s our blessing. Film has changed and so have we.

Specific question? Try the dedicated emails. For general info, use the form below. Send film here. IMPORTANT: read our FAQ!


6/44 Douglas Street
Milton, 4064, QLD

Sun, Mon: Closed
Tue-Fri: 11am – 6pm
Sat: 12-4pm

NOTE: Parking is available behind the lab. We’re next to a cafe which you’ll surely enjoy. We have an outdoor seating area too if you feel like sticking around and chatting with friends!

Don’t forget our Film Drops!


The Racquet Film Drop

ATTN: Racquet Film

PO Box 2067

New Farm, QLD, 4005

Contact Numbers

Office Line

No phone while moving 🙁 Email!

Please note that while we move our lab from New Farm to Milton we will not have access to a phone. If you need to chat, email us and we'll get back to you ASAP.


Priority Issues

lab [at] racquetfilm . com

Photo Bookings

s.attwood [at] racquetfilm . com