Racquet Film Christmas Opening Hours!

We’ve had a giant year, and we’re taking our first break in 12 months. As per our posts on here, social media and other outlets, the lab will be taking final rolls (to be completed before December 14th) on the 8th. All rolls taken between the 11th and the 29th of December will receive a 10% festive discount due to extended turn around times, with the lab open again on January 8th. Upon reopening, we will update all of those in the lineup with expected due dates and other information. But take a page from our book, have a break, shoot some film and enter 2019 nice and fresh! Thank you all so much for an amazing 2018. What an insane first year. We never thought any of this would be possible.

Best wishes,
Chloe, Sam and the Racquet Team.