Craft Film Cameras: The Brand Selling Film Cameras Like Hotcakes

One of the biggest questions the Racquet Film team were asked on a daily basis was whether or not we had any film cameras for sale. After reluctantly turning a number of enthusiastic film photographers away, we teamed up with Craft Film Cameras, a company run by various film aficionados spread around Japan, the USA and Australia. Craft’s goal is to communicate with budding film photographers, find cameras they want, ensure they are tested and reliable, and put them in the hands of the people wanting to shoot them. Craft (who operate online and via their Instagram) have sold over 200 cameras to happy buyers and have a stellar track record thanks to their respect in the analogue industry, established contact channels and their ability to maintain a high level of quality control on all the products they release.

If you’re looking for a birthday present film camera, or a christmas present 35mm, we can’t recommend Craft strongly enough. Not only are they reliable, but they are aligned with us, meaning citizens of Australia who can make it to our store are able to collect their goods after final inspection. There’s plenty more information on their website, and you can easily fill out a form showing what you require! No doubt, Craft will get right on it.