Racquet sell used film cameras and fresh film stock. Due to the frequency of our sales and the constantly rotating stock, our service is based on customer enquiries. If you see a camera you like, or want us to get one in that you’ve been chasing, we can make that happen. Simply have a browse below, and send us an email detailing the item of interest. We can provide additional info, photos, arrange an inspection and more. We also ship worldwide, fast and cheap. Contact us here. If you’re after film, stop by our store! You can find a price list here.

Nikon F70


Nikonos IV-A


Ricoh TF-500D


Canon AE-1 Program w/ 50mm


Canon AE-1 w/ 50mm FD 1.8


Nikon F3HP


Polaroid 640 Land Camera


Contax G1


Nikon F5


Canon EOS 1V


Nikon F2 w/ DP-11 Prism (Black)


Nikon 35TI


Nikon FA (Black)


Nikon FA (Silver)