The Analogue Bible
Racquet Film to release Bound Film Book


Racquet Film have partnered up with Racquet Studio and their roster of international photography talent to produce a book that delves deep into analogue photography and its place in 2018. Unlike any book before it, the journal looks at film from a modern perspective, stacking popular film cameras up against highly regarded DSLRs and mirrorless offerings, discussing the merits of both, alongside the past, present and future of film, and the benefits of hybrid photography. The result is a hefty, one-of-a-kind essential for anyone who practices the traditional craft (experienced or beginner). Promising to be one of the most dynamic and forward-thinking books around based on film photography. Due for release in Winter 2018, discounted preorders commence now for a limited time only. For those who support the venture, expect your copy to be shipped out first. Stock is limited and the book will only run one production line. The Modern, Opinionated, Film Photography Journal promises to be unlike anything else, curated by some of the world’s most talented photographers. If you shoot film, enjoy the concept, take photographs or have a gift to give, you’ve found it. NOTE: this book will blow you away.

Page Count: 300+

Early bird fully sold out: $149.95 + shipping.

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Topics include*


  1. Film: A Look at the Past and Present
  2. What Kept Film Breathing
  3. Analogue in the Year 2018
  4. The Future of Film
  5. The Limitations of Film
  6. Understanding Film Fundamentals
  7. The Science of Film
  8. Exposure and Why it Matters
  9. The Exposure Triangle
  10.  ISO
  11. Aperture
  12. Shutter Speed
  13. The Sunny 16 Rule
  14. Understanding Depth of Field
  15. Composition
  16. A Scope of Film Cameras
  17. 35mm Cameras
  18. Point & Shoots
  19. SLRs
  20. Rangefinders
  21. Cameras: A Frontrunners Summary
  22. Medium Format Cameras
  23. Large Format Cameras
  24. Camera Features
  25. Common Camera Features
  26. The Progression of Film Cameras
  27. An Overview of Camera Evolution
  28. Functionality
  29. Durability
  30. Camera Modes
  31. Program Mode
  32. Aperture Priority
  33. Shutter Priority
  34. Manual Mode
  35. Metering Modes
  36. The Fundamentals of Metering Modes
  37. Matrix & Evaluative Metering
  38. Centre-Weighted Metering
  39. Spot Metering
  40.  Lenses
  41. General Lens Characteristics
  42. Speed: The Aperture Range
  43. Focal Length
  44. Sharpness
  45. Chromatic Aberration
  46. Vignetting
  47. Image Stabilisation
  48. Focusing Methods & Options
  49.  Autofocus
  50. Manual Focus
  51. Zone Focusing
  52. Prime & Zoom Lenses
  53. A Comparison between Zoom & Prime
  54. Ultra-wide Lenses
  55. Wide Lenses
  56. Standard Lenses
  57. Short Telephoto Lenses
  58. Long Telephoto Lenses
  59. Tilt Shift Lenses
  60. Macro Lenses
  61.  Lighting
  62. Natural & Artificial Light
  63. Film & Flash: A Temperamental Match
  64. Flash Variants
  65. On-Camera Speedlights
  66. Off-Camera Speedlights
  67. Strobes
  68. Studio Setups
  69. Continuous & LED Lighting
  70. Modular Camera Components
  71.  Prisms
  72. Focusing Screens
  73. Interchangeable Backs
  74. Choosing A Camera
  75. A General Guide
  76.  Limitations
  77. Achieving Your Film Photography Goal
  78. Cautions in a Used Market
  79. What to Look For
  80. Storing Camera Equipment
  81. Camera Equipment Repairs
  82. Customisation
  83.  CLAs
  84. Film Selection
  85. An Overview of Film
  86. Pro Grade and Consumer Grade Film
  87. Black & White and Colour Film
  88. Slide (E6) Film
  89. Film Options in 2018: A Crash Course
  90. The Intricacies of Film
  91.  Emulsion
  92. Contrast
  93. Grain Structure
  94. Sharpness
  95. Colour Reproduction
  96. Pushing & Pulling Film
  97. How To Make a Final Decision
  98. My Film and XRAYs
  99. Storing my Film
  100.  Pre-Exposure
  101. Post-Exposure
  102. So What Matters: The Film, Camera or Lens?


  1. Making a Living From Film
  2. Choosing a Direction
  3. Fast Tricks
  4. Maintaining Integrity
  5. Progressing Your Career
  6. Problem Solving


  1. Appendix

* the above is the general outlay of the book as written so far. It is subject to change within reason.