Racquet's February 2021 Update

It's 2021 and we're extremely thankful to say we made it through the clusterf___ that was 2020. With so many amazing labs unable to continue operation, we realised as a young business in the industry we're in, we had two options: throw in the towel or make 2021 our best yet. We felt like bailing now meant all our 'coming soon' projects would be hard done by, so we're stepping up. We've got staff great new staff joining our renovated (and improved) lab, we're expanding  our services and as we hurtle down our 2021 road map with innovative approaches to systems that have never changed, we'll be doing a whole lot more social stuff. If you're interested, here's a breakdown of what you need to know (including a table of contents to make life easier.

1. Giveaways + T&Cs
2. What's new?
3. Opening hours?

Some key prizes below + lucky door prizes for month of FEB. See T&Cs for info.
- 1 x 100% limited edition, one-off GIRL x Kodak Deck (you're pick) + $50 Store Credit
1 x $400 Point & Shoot Credit (Pick from our selection)
1 x $200.00 AUD Store Credit
1 x $100 AUD Store Credit
Entries are cumulative for the month of February with winners drawn March 2nd.
- You MUST be following @racquetstudio on Instagram.
- (2) Entries for Each Transaction in Store in February 
(1) Entry for Each 'Like', 'Share', Repost' etc on our Insta in February (the more the merrier!)
NOTE: The more entries, the higher you rank. The highest ranking individual will have the first pick of the prize when the competition is drawn.

- Racquet will assign each entrant with a code number. ON march 2nd, the total number of votes per number will equal the total number of times that entrant has thrown their hat in the ring. An online randomiser will be used to select the winner, who will be given first pick at the grand prize. Second place will be given second pick and so on. In the interest of fair play, entrants can only win a maximum of two prizes. Queries? Email lab@racquetfilm.com.
Return to normal hours as of Tuesday Feb 23rd!
We'll have new staff with the very talented Tom Schulte's joining the team
A paperless, iPad ordering system (and updated PDF for the OGs)
New scan options: standard (3500px approx) and high (6500px approx)
After the first fortnight we expect to be fully settled and back to 2-3 day turnover.
A very fresh looking lab.
All the giveaways to celebrate.
So, so much more (camera stock, film stock etc).
Questions? lab@racquetfilm.com

Speaking of camera stock, for those looking to purchase, these are currently on their way to us (3-5 days away). Four have already sold but still some great cameras up for grabs.

Olympus AF-1
Olympus AF-1
Olympus AF-1
Canon Autoboy Luna AF 105
Olympus μ mju Zoom Pano 35-70
Olympus MJU Zoom 130
Minolta Capios 125
Pentax Espio 120
Pentax Espio 140
Canon AF35M
Kyocera Lynx 35mm
Olympus MJU Z Deluxe Gold
Olympus AF-1 Twin Lens
Canon Autoboy S Pano
Mint Fuji Cardia Cute Date
Canon Sureshot 76
Pentax Espio 11535M
Mint Fuji Cardia 800
Pentax Espio 115G
Pentax Espio 160