About Racquet Film

A film lab, gallery, showroom and store. A destination.

Racquet is the most in-demand photo agency and film processing lab in Australia. With 40 photographers from all around the world on our roster, and a HQ staffed by professionals, we live and breathe film. Unsatisfied by the automated services available in Australia, combined with the fact we were already processing hundreds of rolls a week for our own photographers, Racquet Film was born. With it came our very own world-class film processing lab in Brisbane, Australia. As Australia’s largest analogue-dedicated developing house, showroom, store and gallery, the lab handles orders from all over the world with C41, E6 and B&W capabilities (35mm, 120, 220), all done in-house. So, what makes Racquet different? Well, to start, we don’t use automation; in fact, we’re the only lab in Australia who still monitor the entire film photography process from start to finish. In the age of drugstore labs that have a ‘start’ button and provide one hour turn arounds, Racquet Film follow a different path and cater to a demographic who want quality (the reason we shoot film, right?), with a team of professionals working alongside brands like Kodak and JOBO to achieve perfect results. Racquet believe that film is for everyone, and being professional photographers themselves, they understanding how important it is for film to be treated with care and respect. Racquet is a ‘pro lab’, a term given to labs that don’t use roller processing machines, therefore minimising the contact your film’s emulsion has with a roller, giving you the best possible outcome.

Our professional technicians monitor every step of the development and scanning process and work closely with KODAK to ensure all chemicals are capable of producing the best results. Scanning is done on a variety of FUJI and Noritsu machines, alongside a Pakon 135+ and an Epson V800, all of which produce amazing results. If you want to know more, you can visit our FAQ or contact us directly here to learn more about why Racquet Film is Australia’s most progressive and innovative film lab.


Where are you?

6/608 Brunswick Street
New Farm, 4005, QLD

Sun, Mon: Closed
Tue-Fri: 11am – 6pm
Sat: 10am – 2pm*

*Note: the lab is only open Tuesday to Friday. This is reflected in our estimated 2 7 workday turnaround time.