About Racquet Film

A film lab, gallery, showroom and store. A destination.

“The development was amazing.”
Tim Page.

We won’t drag this on. We are a film community.
Racquet process photographic film by hand, with love.
We aren’t easy to explain because we are unlike anyone else.
We’ve shot film professionally for as long as we can remember.
We have a world-class lab with support from KODAK and JOBO (GER).
We don’t automate any of the process and can handle near any request.
We don’t have 40-years-experience. That’s our best trait.
Film has changed and we’ve changed with it.

Want to know more? You can visit our FAQ or contact us directly here.

Alternatively, listen to an interview where we discussed life in the lab, what we have planned and the journey it got to get here. The interview was done with the talented Morgan Roberts, as part of his ‘What Do You Make’ series.