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Australia’s largest film-focused agency, lab, workspace, & gallery.

Racquet Film is a professional photo lab based in Brisbane. In January 2017, the lab began developing for Racquet Studio’s professional photographers, learning the ins-and-outs of developing in hotel bathrooms while on the road shooting national campaigns. In June 2017, Racquet Film decided to bite the bullet and offer development services to the public. Providing high-end film development alongside camera, film and accessory sales at affordable prices, Racquet Film has morphed from a backyard operation into Australia’s largest analogue dedicated photo processing lab, workshop, gallery and showroom. Backed by a global cohort of industry professionals and a renowned parent agency, Racquet Film know just how much the analogue photography landscape has changed, and the team behind the brand have been there every step of the way.

Film development brisbane
Nikon F5 loaded with Kodak Tri-X. Shot, processed and scanned by Racquet Film.

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