Racquet Film

The film lab you love with the film cameras you dream of.

10 years in film over 100,000 rolls dev'd & 550+ camera sales. No issues.

Impeccable customer service.  client's for results are our priority and dialogue is key        

We only use the best distributors, couriers & tracking systems, 

We've got an amazing showroom if you ever want to stop by. 

Payment for our premium products  is made through 100% secure portals.

Beside processing film and selling film cameras, we have a giant range of services!

Our Lab.

Our Brisbane state-of-the-art film lab combines world-class film processing methods and famed scanners with our experienced team of technicians, developing rolls from all over the world. Post us your film or visit in store; you'll certainly be happy you did.

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Our Store.

Alongside film development, we sell all things analogue. From 35mm point and shoots to film camera accessories and memorabilia, we urge you to have a browse through our site or reach out and we'll do what we can to get

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