A great film development lab & photo agency.

Australia’s largest film-focused, analogue wonderland.
Photos of Racquet Film by Nick Bedford.

Racquet Film is Australia’s most progressive film development lab and processes photographic film for people of all skills levels from all over the world!. Since 2016, the Brisbane-based outfit has processed photographic film for Racquet Studio’s rostered photographers and their highly respected clients. In 2017, demand for a world-class lab saw Racquet open its doors to the public with one ethos: provide the best analogue services, with a smile. Specialising in high-end development, printing and camera and film sales, Racquet Film is our nation’s largest analogue-dedicated film processing lab, workshop, photo gallery and showroom. The space has become a destination for film photographers around the world of all skill levels! With four state-of-the-art JOBO processing units, a Fuji Frontier SP3000, Noritsu LS-600 (incoming), Pakon 135+ and Epson V850, the eight room compound is truly a sight to behold. Racquet Film focus on tailored film development for every customer and is devoted to creating a film community of all skill levels, while expanding their 40-strong international roster of photographers. Racquet Film DON’T use automated machines, monitoring everything with love and care. That’s what your film deserves. That’s what we give it.

Your film deserves love.

Whether you’re posting rolls from around the world, coming to our huge New Farm HQ, or using one of our dedicated Racquet Dropbox locations, we’ve made it easy for you to get your precious cargo to us. Follow the directions below and await the magic.


Shoot film – it’s fun!
We process 35mm, 120, 220.
C41, B&W, Slide (E6), everything!
See our FAQ for more info.


Fill out this form.
Either mail it to us.
Or visit our store!
(it’s an analogue wonderland)


Pay in store or via invoice.
We’ll send it to you – don’t worry!
All film is souped with zen & love.
Turn-around is 2-7 week days.


We send images via Dropbox.
We print and frame in-house.
Our FAQ has heaps more info.
We’re photographers, like you!

Racquet News

Film Canisters, captured in Racquet Film by Nick Bedford.

Developing Film In Australia is the Tip of the Iceberg

Racquet Film are a film developing lab, and spend the majority of their time processing film for customers around Australia and throughout the world. Though we’re constantly asked what other film photography services we offer Australian customers. We’ve decided to make a non-exhaustive list of things we do on a near-daily basis. Hopefully it helps!…


Racquet Film Reaches New Heights

What’s Australia’s fastest rising film processing labs best trait? Just how unconventional it is! The below is an excerpt and should not be replicated or reproduced in any way. “Where can I get film developed?” remains a rather common question in Australia. Thankfully, Racquet Film have well and truly answered that question for analogue enthusiasts…


What Racquet Film Did In April

Preface: Racquet Film is a film development (or film processing or film developing) and processing lab in Brisbane, Australia. They develop and sell 35mm film, 120, 220 and more. Racquet Film offer high quality photo prints, have a gallery and are Australia’s largest dedicated analogue space.  We had a rather big April. Here’s a few…

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