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Racquet Film is a professional film development lab in Brisbane. Since January 2017, the lab has developed for Racquet Studio’s professional photographers, often on the road in hotel bathrooms during a variety of national campaigns. In June 2017, Racquet’s renowned film processing services were made available to the public. Providing high-end development alongside camera, film and accessory sales, Racquet Film have morphed into Australia’s largest analogue-dedicated film processing lab, workshop, gallery and showroom. Backed by a global cohort of industry professionals, Racquet Film know the analogue photography landscape is changing, and the team are changing with it. Quality over quantity, we say.

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What Racquet Film Did In April

We had a rather big April. Here’s a few highlights. We’ve now developed over 3500 rolls. Our team expanded from three to six. In two days, we get a new processor, which has been on its way from New York for over two months. We renovated our entire studio (see photos). We launched an amazing…

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Racquet’s 2018 ‘Transit’ Tour Is On Its Way

After an absolutely huge entrance into the marketplace, the Racquet conglomerate – which now consists of both Racquet Studio and Racquet Film, Australia’s largest photo agency and film lab respectively – are going on tour again for the first time in just over a year. Their 2018 tour commencement date is TBC, however the team…

Photo by A Fortune Traveller.

AGFA Vista Is Dead, As Expected

The Belgian-German multinational corporation Agfa-Gevaert N.V (known by most of us as AGFA) has today announced what many of us already knew to be true. The company, popular for its very affordable, rather bold C41 35mm films (available in both 200 and 400 speeds) has earned a cult following for producing a good consumer-grade product…

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