A modern film development lab & more.

We develop colour film (C41), black and white film (B&W) and slide film (E6) in 135, 120, 220 & disposable camera formats (complete in 3-7 days from payment). We have processed over 70,000 rolls for people worldwide with an emphasis on tailoring our work to customer needs. Visit our store or send our form to PO Box 2067, New Farm, 4005 to get your film to us. Images are sent via Dropbox (we don’t offer traditional prints). We do, however, print gallery quality A4-A2 prints on request. Our pricing and scan sizes are here. You should read our T&Cs and FAQ pages for more info. If you’re still confused, contact us here. We’re friendly!

Film processing requires love.

Whether you’re posting us rolls or coming to Racquet HQ, we’ve made it easy.