A great film development lab & photo agency.

Australia’s largest film-focused, analogue wonderland.


We process all film types (C41, E6, B&W) in-house, in 135, 120, 220 & disposable formats.

– We are a pro lab, but develop film for all skill levels from people all over the world, every day.

– You can visit our store, use our 24/7 Dropboxpost to our PO Box, or visit our Film Drops.

– If you drop film in-store, you can pay over the counter.

– If you mail film in, we send you an invoice and you can pay using your chosen method.

– We are digital. We don’t offer old school 4×6 prints. We send your images via Dropbox.

– We print gallery quality A4-A2 prints on request.

– Our turn-around time is 2-7 days. Our prices and scan sizes are here.

– You should read our T&Cs and FAQ pages for more info.

Racquet Film is Australia’s most inventive film lab, processing rolls for all skill levels from across the globe. Our Brisbane HQ started developing for their rostered photographers in late 2015. By 2017, Racquet had opened to the public, providing the same professional service to anyone seeking high quality development. Racquet’s ethos: deliver world-class development and help foster the analogue community, reinventing an industry that’s become overtly stagnant. Racquet’s HQ is the nation’s largest analogue-dedicated film lab, workshop, photo gallery and showroom. The space is phenomenal and has fast become a film photographer’s dream. You can learn more about us by following this link. Oh, and Racquet DON’T use automated machines. Love fuels each step; your film deserves nothing less.

Your film deserves love.

Whether you’re posting rolls from around the world, coming to our huge New Farm HQ, or using one of our dedicated Racquet Dropbox locations, we’ve made it easy for you to get your precious cargo to us. Follow the directions below and await the magic.


Shoot film – it’s fun!
We process 35mm, 120, 220.
C41, B&W, Slide (E6), everything!
See our FAQ for more info.


Fill out this form.
Either mail it to us.
Or visit our store!
(it’s an analogue wonderland)


Pay in store or via invoice.
We’ll send it to you – don’t worry!
All film is souped with zen & love.
Turn-around is 2-7 week days.


We send images via Dropbox.
We print and frame in-house.
Our FAQ has heaps more info.
We’re photographers, like you!

Racquet Blog

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Racquet Film Christmas Opening Hours!

We’ve had a giant year, and we’re taking our first break in 12 months. As per our posts on here, social media and other outlets, the lab will be taking final rolls (to be completed before December 14th) on the 8th. All rolls taken between the 11th and the 29th of December will receive a…


Craft Film Cameras: The Brand Selling Film Cameras Like Hotcakes

One of the biggest questions the Racquet Film team were asked on a daily basis was whether or not we had any film cameras for sale. After reluctantly turning a number of enthusiastic film photographers away, we teamed up with Craft Film Cameras, a company run by various film aficionados spread around Japan, the USA…


Wrangler Denim Interview Racquet Studio

A few months ago we were lucky enough to take a few snaps for Wrangler Denim (one of our favourite brands) and be profiled as part of their Freedom Campaign. The campaign focused on creatives who were doing what they loved and it was a great thing to be a part of. We haven’t actively…

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